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Let's Be Clear...

Thu, 2011-06-23 10:16 -- tomjonez

One of the many ways to save money when dealing with an attorney – let’s be clear about this – is to be clear with the attorney when requesting their service. Pausing for a couple of minutes before calling the lawyer to clarify in our own mind what we want them to accomplish can save time.  And with an attorney,         ...time saved is money saved. Think of it as a race to communicate the request as clearly as possible, in as short a conversation as possible, and then to clearly limit the time-frame and scope of the task to be done.

Interviewing Attorneys - Six Crucial Questions

Thu, 2011-06-23 10:13 -- tomjonez

These past two months we have looked at six crucial questions to ask attorneys before we hire them. The following is a summary. The first point is obvious - but bears repeating: 1. Interview Attorneys:  We would interview everyone we were hiring for important roles in our work - attorneys are no exception - interview them. 2. Timeliness: How promptly do the attorneys complete assigned tasks? 3. Track Record:  What about results?  Ask this question and ask for specific references to back it up. 4.


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