Strategic Market Leadership

What is Trending Lately?

Tue, 2015-06-02 17:00 -- tomjonez


It is easy to enter the word “trending” into the search bar a my web browser and find out what the current social media conversation is all about at any given time.  It is simple to “discern” the modern conversational trends.

The larger question for a person in leadership is not, “What is trending?”  Rather the higher calling of those who lead is, “What trend am I setting?”

For those who seek to be populists in their role, it is a simple matter at any point in time to test the winds of popular opinion and then speak as if one is on the forefront of that current thinking.

For those who wish to lead meaningfully, it is a different story altogether. Because instead of following the latest trend(s), such leaders will forge a direction based on their values and character - and then lead in a manner that sets the trend.

For those leaders you most admire, which is it?  Do they follow the latest trends?  Or do they set the trends?